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Don´t lose the opportunity of flying Charter in Costa Rica!                                                                                            


Do you know that flying Charter can be cheaper than flying commercially?

Well, if you are traveling with two other people, the total amount of 3 commercial tickets can afford the total cost of an entire aircraft for 3 passengers and if you increase the number of people the same happens.

Premflight not only gives you access to rent your own private aircraft and receive real VIP treatment while flying on your own schedule but also you can get seats on Scheduled flights starting at $40.

**Our flights are always direct to the destination, Commercial Airlines usually make intermediate stops at other local airports.

***Commercial rates are estimated on this table and apply for non-residents only.

****Our prices are the same for the returning way.

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Charter Flights


This is the most exclusive service we offer to our customers. Just perfect for those whose  time is gold. What`s new is that now you can book your private airplane, the route and the time you want to fly directly from our app, as fast and convenient  as you have always wanted without the delay of back and for e-mails to get quotes and confirm availabilities. It`s all at the reach of your hand. So what are you waiting for? 
Forget about unconvenient airline shedules and poor service.
Download the app and experience by yourself the new way to purchase a VIP treatment while flying on the newest and most technologically advanced aircrafts available in Costa Rica.

Seat Deals


These seats are always at sale prices !!

Buy seats at incredible prices in flights previously programmed by Premflight. If our itinerary fits your needs, or simply because it is too good to let it pass. What`s to wait for? Enjoy the comforts and advantages that make private flights the best way to travel in Costa Rica.
This service is born to respond to the needs of those who never leave a great opportunity. And for all those who need to arrive fast and easy!
 No more traffic jams. Do not waste an entire day in your car. Download our app and dont`t lose any more of your time.

Charter Deals


Live the experience of flying your own private aircraft. Yes you read it right. An aircraft just for you and the people you decide to fly with, for almost half regular price.
 Just fill up the form at our app and we will get you a match, someone to use the other way of your flight, so you can share the total cost with this other entusiastic person but without sharing your flight.
 The outcome is you flying like a VIP at almost half the price of a regular charter flight. 
It just does´t get any better than this!